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Mission Statement

The BSD Certification Group is a volunteer collaboration of computing professionals who promote the awareness and use of BSD operating systems. Our mission is the creation and maintenance of a standardized certification process to assist system administrators and employers validate competence in the implementation of BSD best practices.

We perceive benefits to:

The IT Industry

  • Verification of documented competence in BSD systems during pre-employment screening
  • Increased efficiency of BSD and general Unix systems administration
  • Increased training opportunities for employees
  • Documented skill levels for promotion criteria


The IT Professional

  • Customizable skills in state of the art BSD system administration
  • Documented proof of skills in BSD system administration
  • Increased knowledge of similarities and differences of BSD systems
  • Recognized leadership in BSD system administration


The BSD Community

  • Increased awareness of the benefits of using BSD systems
  • Increased knowledge in administering multiple BSD operating systems
  • More skilled BSD systems administrators in all industries
  • Increased opportunities for advocating BSD solutions