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BSDA Certification Study DVD

Spring / Summer 2015 Edition Now Available!



Essential tools for your BSD Associate and BSD Professional certification  - all for only $40.00USD (plus shipping and handling).

Here is the complete collection of all four of the BSD operating systems, their applications, and guides in a single handy reference. Simply select which BSD to install from the boot menu on the DVD and you have all the essential tools to prepare for the BSD Associate certification and BSD Professional Lab Exam.

This version of the DVD includes the QEMU, AQEMU, and VirtualBox virtual environments, allowing one to install and network all of the four BSDs as guest operating systems on one FreeBSD host. Details for installing and using this virtual environment are available in the accompanying insert.

New!  View videos of the DVD in action on the BSDCG Videos site !


The DVD contents (left) and in action (right).  Sorry, coffee cup and laptop not included :-).

Note: This edition of the DVD is for the i386 (32-bit) architecture so it can work in any virtual environment.

You can order for postal mail delivery by clicking the link below.  If you would like to download the DVD, complete the same order form, and leave a note in the "Leave a message for us" box and we will send you a link within 24 hours.  Note that the DVD is about 4GB and may impact your download quota if you have one.

We also welcome bulk orders for schools, user groups, and businesses!  Send a note to regarding your bulk order needs.


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DVD Contents

  • FreeBSD 10.1, including selected packages and the ports collection
  • NetBSD 6.1.5, including pkgsrc
  • OpenBSD 5.6, including packages
  • DragonFly BSD 3.8.2 including pkgsrc
  • BSDA Exam Objectives (pdf)
  • BSDA Command Reference (pdf)
  • Psychometrics Explained (pdf)
  • BSDA Task Analysis Survey Report (pdf)
  • BSD Usage Survey Report (pdf)
  • BSDA Test Delivery Survey Report (pdf)
  • BSDP Job Task Analysis Survey Report (pdf)
  • BSDP Certification Requirements (pdf)
  • FreeBSD Handbook (pdf)
  • FreeBSD FAQ (pdf)
  • NetBSD Guide (pdf)
  • DragonFly BSD New Handbook (pdf)
  • pkgsrc Guide (pdf)
  • OpenBSD FAQ (pdf)
  • OpenBSD PF FAQ (pdf)
  • Latest draft of the wiki version of the BSDA Study Guide (pdf)
  • How to Create a Study Plan (pdf)
  • Tips on how to install each operating system in a virtual environment (paper insert)